Training and Arena

Horse Gym 2000

HORSE-GYM-2000 treadmill, a new generation of innovative high-tech treadmills has been launched onto the market.

Treadmills are used more and more for training dressage horses, show jumpers and drawing horses. A special feature is the technique of the treadmill floor.

It allows the horses to steadily and evenly walk on a floor that is similar to a naturally grown grass floor as known in woods. The walking surface matches the horses movements. This special technology of the HORSE-GYM-2000 treadmill allows a quick supportive, maximum relaxation by which a reasonable build up of muscles in particular of the horses backs is obtained.

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Röwer & Rüb-Walker

Rower & Rüb has specialised in products and buildings for all aspects of horse-keeping and today offers not just a wide range from show-jumping fences through to the complete barn, but also a priceless wealth of experience and know-how. Even so, we're still not satisfied. We still want to improve bit by bit day by day, and this entails working not only at ourselves but also at our products.

They say that victories begin in the stables. After all, good management covering all aspects of the horse is crucial for success, whether in sport, breeding or simply for personal pleasure. Here at Röwer & Rüb, we are pleased to be able to help you a little along the way.

While horses speak the same language all over the world, each customer has individual wishes which we respond to with the best possible solutions. Regardless of the scope of your project. To make sure that you and your horses feel at home. Consulting, expertice, service.

In practice, for you this means simpler handling, even more safety for horse and rider, and even faster attendance to the horse's needs. In other words, you can concentrate on what really matters: on your horses. On a life-long basis.

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Martin Collins- Arena

Martin Collins began developing innovative, synthetic surfaces for equestrian use over 30 years ago.

Today Martin Collins Enterprises is the industry leader and innovator in synthetic surfaces. Our aim is to continue to manufacture the best synthetic surfaces in the world which allow the horse to work to the best of its ability with the least risk of injury.

Martin Collins Enterprises is part of the Martin Collins Group and specialises is the manufacture and installation of synthetic surfaces for both equestrian purposes and racecourses. As the UK’s first synthetic surface producer, the company provides a full construction service which includes all that is necessary to convert an existing facility or produce a new arena or racecourse from a green field site. Our range of products are designed and installed for a huge range of clients from the single horse owner requiring the smallest size of dressage arena, to international racecourses hosting Group One meetings. They all undergo stringent environmental testing and our after sales service is second to none, wherever in the world they may be installed. Equibuild, a subsidiary of the Martin Collins Group, also designs and constructs equestrian establishments and associated infrastructure to complement our surfaces; their website is

The company produces its range of surfaces from our two manufacturing sites in the UK or the growing number of plants in Europe; we have also recently set up another production plant in South Africa and Australia, while plans for similar facilities in the Far East are already well advanced. At the more cost effective end of the market, non-wax surfaces that require watering are produced, however, these dry surfaces easily hold up to FEI 5* international competitions including Dressage, Driving and Show Jumping, and have been used for show acts like Cossacks and Horse Ball, etc. At the top end of the range, the products are wax based and ‘water free’; both varieties are used for training gallops and racing, as well as polo, dressage, show jumping and carriage driving. The company also produces a range of equipment necessary to maintain our surfaces, be it the Arena Master for equestrian arenas or Gallop Master for racecourses; advice for their use is given at installation and their subsequent supervision is all part of our after sales service.

Martin Collins surfaces are not only hard wearing and durable but also very versatile; each and every surface is designed specifically to suit the climate and use, there is no one size fits all. For example differing formulations allow the material to cope with (ground) temperatures as low as -20 while others operate up to +45 degrees Celsius.

All materials are designed to withstand rain in excess of 150mm per hour; these extremes are experienced in the various locations where we have completed projects. Consequently, they are used in many parts of the world for events or shows, training purposes or racing. In the UK for example, our temporary surfaces were used inside at Olympia for international dressage and show jumping, the Spanish Riding School at Wembley and the British Military Tournament at Earl’s Court; in continental Europe, they were in outdoors use at the Hamburg Derby, indoors in Gent (CSI2*), Salzburg (CDI5*, CSI4*, CVI3*) and Leipzig for the FEI World Cup® Finals among other prestigious locations. The permanent outdoor facility at Windsor hosted the successful 2009 European Dressage & Show Jumping Championships. Further afield, Singapore boasts indoor and outdoor Martin Collins arenas and also training tracks and the Group One racecourse at Kranji.

We have installed our surfaces on racecourses in many other parts of the world and the list is growing: In Europe there are tracks in Ireland, Spain, France (5) and the UK (4). Further afield there are Martin Collins synthetic surfaces in the USA (5), Turkmenistan (2), South Africa (2), Australia and Turkey in addition to the aforementioned one in Singapore. In fact there are more Martin Collins wax surfaces around the world than all other wax surfaces in total – it truly is the most popular synthetic wax-coated surface in the world!

Finally, notwithstanding the worldwide popularity of our products, Martin Collins Enterprises is not resting on its laurels and we continue to invest in ongoing research and development, thus ensuring that we continue to stay ahead of the game and provide our clients with the best possible product allied to the best possible service.

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