Horse Feed and Vitamins Supplement are provided by our partners named as ST-Hippolyt, Equisentials and Plospan.


St. Hippolyt is the brand name and with St.Hippolyt Nutrition Concepts GmbH the distributor of feeding products researched, developed and produced at Mühle Ebert Dielheim / Germany.

Mühle Ebert Dielheim (MED) has a long tradition in the production of animal fodder and with its own staff of scientists are at the forefront of developing new products according to new requirements and are constantly improving existing products.

Since the beginning of domestication, the natural environment of horses has continuously changed. Today’s fast paced hectic lifestyle affects not only humans but also horses. Nutrition represents a considerable support for the health and wellbeing of horses. For over 25 years, St. Hippolyt has been committed to help maintain horses health in balance by providing the necessary elements required to face these challenges.

The range of products aims to offer suitable feed and supplements as well as Horse Care products to nourish horses of all types and in all stages of life. St. Hippolyt products combine natural ingredients with scientific principles and are known for their targeted application. A careful handling of raw materials during production ensures that a respectful balance is maintained and your horse receives the most natural feed as possible.

The basis of the St. Hippolyt product range is made out of complete feeds which serve as the daily feeding base for horses and ponies. St. Hippolyt offers products suitable for all types, disciplines and stages of life. In addition St. Hippolyt also offers products that are recommended for horses and ponies suffering from specific diseases like Cushing, Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS), Laminitis or Eczema.

St. Hippolyt also applies bio-intelligent principles to offer special supplements that address special needs. The Horse Care… also more specific support that targets liver function, stomach ulcers as well as skin, coat and hooves.

St. Hippolyts´ commitment to research and development is a key focus to constantly challenge ourselves to produce the best product range possible. St. Hippolyt was honored with the eurocheval Innovation Award for Glucogard in 2012 and in 2014 received the award “Das Goldene Pferd” from Cavallo magazine - something we are very proud of.

The experience in processing raw materials like non GMO soya beans has put St. Hippolyt in the limelight of cross species collaborations. The future is bright as St. Hippolyt continues to enter new territories cooperating in projects in Europe and the United States that have an impact not only on the nutrition of horses but also in humans.

At St. Hippolyt we are proud of keeping our principles simple to achieve our goal: FEEDING LIKE NATURE.

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Our Products



EquiSentials is a Dutch company that specializes in Roughage for horses. We can provide you with Horse-Lucerne, Timothy hay, German Hay and Straw and also Roughage feeding blocks. These products are packed in small handy bales of 20, 18 ore 13 kg. The roughage blocks have a weight of 1kg and can be divided in 2 parts. “Nature perfectly packed” EquiSentials Horse-Lucerne is a late cut Alfalfa with a low protein value and is artificially dried. This gives the Horse-Lucerne a high nutritional value with high natural ingredients. EquiSentials Timothy hay is also artificially dried and has therefore preserved it natural ingredients which makes it a good roughages for horses. German hay is a sundried and de-dusted German product packed in small bales of 18kg. It’s a high quality German hay that can be used for all horses. All products are shipped on pallets in a 40 FT HC container that makes transport efficient.

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Plospan is among the leading wood processing companies in Europe. It is centrally located in the Netherlands, in Waardenburg. The two pillars of the Plomp en zn. bv company are animal bedding and environmentally friendly fuels.

Plospan and EquiSentials is a combination of companies from Holland, specialized in horse products in your stable. Plospan is the Dutch producer for Woodshavings, used as bedding in the horse-stable.

With our ExceLlent shaving we have an absolute Dust-free product that has an exceptional absorptive power. Therefore are these Woodshavings are not only efficient and economical but Plospan ExceLlent also reduces the manure volume significantly.

Because it is a Dust-free product, it prevents irritation of the respiratory track. It’s also soft and comfortable and protects the joints of the horse. Because of the bigger flakes it gives a high spreading volume but it has a small press volume. Due to heat treatment it’s sterile.

Our products are created from wood, which is processed to become an absorbent with the name Plospan®. On our website you will find everything you need to know about the bedding in your animal’s stable, sty, barn or pen. We offer a range of different animal beddings. Would you like to learn more? See animal bedding for any information you may need. In addition to absorbents, Plomp en zn. bv also offers you an innovative way of heating your home in a carbon neutral way using bio-energy.

“Your horse insists on it”

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