Plospan is among the leading wood processing companies in Europe. It is centrally located in the Netherlands, in Waardenburg. The two pillars of the Plomp company are animal bedding and environmentally friendly fuels.

Our products are created from wood, which is processed to become an absorbent with the name Plospan®. On our website you will find everything you need to know about the bedding in your animal’s stable, sty, barn or pen. We offer a range of different animal beddings. Would you like to learn more? See animal bedding for any information you may need. In addition to absorbents, Plomp also offers you an innovative way of heating your home in a carbon neutral way using bio-energy.

Plomp was founded in 1922. The family business started as a trading company in hay, straw and peat. The end of the Second World War saw an increase in the demand for processed wood products. Plomp kept ahead of the times and supplied innovative products, just as it is still doing today. The Biomass pellet is a good example. This product seamlessly fits in with the current climate in which sustainable products are helping markets turn greener. Plomp aims for innovation at all times. Quality, service and being customer-friendly are the company’s core values. Because Plomp is always looking for new ways of using processed wood, we have been able to introduce one innovative product after another to the markets.

For more information please visit Plospan website