Medical Plus

Medical Plus Pte Ltd is a trading company dedicated to veterinary, medical and biomedical equipment. Our corporate headquarters is located in Singapore. In order to develop a regional presence we have set up affiliated organizations in S.E.A as well as Australia/NZ, and the Middle East. The company was been founded in 1996 in Singapore as a Private Limited entity

In a highly competitive market environment we believe in a professional after sales service. With our highly skilled and factory trained service team we are able to provide fast and efficient technical support. We maintain stock of a wide range of essential spare parts, accessories and supplies in order to minimize any downtime of the installed base.

We support our customers with individual application training during and after installation of purchased equipment. We also organize workshops with our pool of expert talents in the industry to provide in-depth hands-on practice subjects on our aupplied equipment.

We are moving ahead of the market with our own R&D activities. This will enable us to offer a better solution to individual customer needs. Our company has successfully ventured out into the biomedical/lab sector. Medical Plus is also a founding member of SALAS (Singapore Association for Laboratory Animal Science) an organization which aims to raise the standard and education among Lab technicians.

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