Horse Gym

With the HORSE-GYM-2000 treadmill, a new generation of innovative high-tech treadmills has been launched onto the market. Treadmills are used more and more for training dressage horses, show jumpers and drawing horses. A special feature is the technique of the treadmill floor.

It allows the horses to steadily and evenly walk on a floor that is similiar to a naturally grown grass floor as known in woods. The walking surface matches the horses movements. This special technology of the HORSE-GYM-2000 treadmill allows a quick supportive, maximum relaxation by which a reasonable build up of muscles in particular of the horses backs is obtained.

The Aquatrainer is the favoured product of the successful range of Horse-Gym-2000 treadmills for horses. It allows to make horses move within the scope of a therapy without charging them, while observing their movements. Movement in the water is unexcelled with regard to the training of muscles and fitness.

Indeed, the force of gravity is almost neutralized by the water and the muscles and joints thus are not loaded with the full weight. Water offers a soft resistance to increase the power. Such resistance is increased by faster movements, so that the natural load is further increased.

The Aquatrainer can be filled with water individually for each horse up to a height of 1.20 m. Our Aquatrainer is used for rehabilitation purposes and for supporting the training of competition/race horses and horses for leisure riding.

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