EquiSentials is a Dutch company that specializes in Roughage for horses. We can provide you with Horse-Lucerne, Timothy hay, German Hay and Straw and also Roughage feeding blocks. These products are packed in small handy bales of 20, 18 ore 13 kg. The roughage blocks have a weight of 1kg and can be divided in 2 parts. “Nature perfectly packed” EquiSentials Horse-Lucerne is a late cut Alfalfa with a low protein value and is artificially dried. This gives the Horse-Lucerne a high nutritional value with high natural ingredients. EquiSentials Timothy hay is also artificially dried and has therefore preserved it natural ingredients which makes it a good roughages for horses. German hay is a sundried and de-dusted German product packed in small bales of 18kg. It’s a high quality German hay that can be used for all horses. All products are shipped on pallets in a 40 FT HC container that makes transport efficient.

For more information please visit Equissentials website http://www.equisentials.nl